I Love To Play

March 20th, 2018

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stewie2Born in Ghent in the seventies, DJ Stewie is still going strong.
Fueled by a wide musical interest and driven by a passion, rarely seen in contemporary nightlife, Stewie is an outstanding cross-over deejay.
Having grown up on an eclectic diet of pop, rock and disco, provided by his early friends and family, he is hard to pin down musically.
As a purchase and salesman @ Music Man (the legendary Ghent based record store) for several years in the past, he couldn’t have wished for a better music and deejay-school. It was the basis of a wide spread network of party organizers, club owners and fellow deejays.
Although having been involved with different kinds of music throughout his life, and always having kept an open mind towards all kinds of popular music, quality has always been of the essence. Combining thorough dj-skills and a sweet choice of tracks, a splendid party is always accomplished.
His ability to mix multiple genres seamlessly sets him apart from most others. The smooth combination of any pop, groove, house, r’n’b and even retro-house tracks works remarkably well on any occasion, and gives him the unique edge that defines him as a deejay. Having played numerous sets in venues all over Belgium, he has been garnering enthusiastic audience response and critical praise for several years now.
We are glad to call him the resident of the ‘I LOVE TO PLAY’ – parties! He was there from the first party and promised to be there until the last one  😉